The Squirrel Mother, published by Fantagraphics Books in April, 2006, collects 14 stories done in the last 5 years. 12 of them previously appeared in other anthologies and 2 are brand new. The book is available from Amazon and Fantagraphics for $16.95

"Kelso perfectly marries words and images, telling stories of longing and casual cruelty with a mastery perfectly suited to the comics medium. Whether it's a story of an aunt's unexplained desertion of her duties or a simple scene of learning to waltz, Kelso captures in a few panels emotions and ideas that expand well beyond the pages of this collection. " -Publishers Weekly

"Kelso assiduously unpacks each scene moment by well-observed moment -- a panel about going to a house on Halloween and being puzzled that a neighbor has an elevator in their home is worth the entire career of some cartoonists --" -Tom Spurgeon, Comics Reporter

"Kelso draws figures and faces as abstract as those in Bil Keane's hardy single-panel strip Family Circus, but she deploys her reductions in stories more like high-brow prose short stories than those of any other alternative comics creator." -Ray Olson, Booklist


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